Coronavirus-anxiety and uncertainty-how to take care of yourself during a pandemic? (English version)


Coronavirus-anxiety and uncertainty-how to take care of yourself during a pandemic?


I’ve been watching the latest news with a great deal of attention. I observe the events and caused by them dynamic changes as well as the effects they have on our lives and mental health.

A lot of people have been put in an obligatory quarantine. Most of us had to face a challenge of making changes in our daily routine of work and family life. There are people who have to work even more. They are concerned about stability of their employment and income. All of us have been forced to stay in our houses and follow strict quarantine recommendations. These are big changes.

Information we receive from around the world is very different. It is often untrue and emotional. There are many comments and experts’ opinions. Some of them are contradictory. We also need to deal with fake news. All of that can make us feel anxious and uncertain. It may also affect our sense of stability and security.

I often hear the opinions that we don’t have an influence on what is going on around us. Is that true? Are we really completely powerless? Today I want to take a closer look at the issue and encourage reflection on how you can take care of yourself.


Here is my list of helpful tips which I prepared for you:

-Accept the situation

Accept what is now. Maybe the next few days will be not like you want but remember it will pass. Accept your emotions. They are important. Allow yourself to feel emotions. It is normal that now you feel anxiety, sorrow and fear.

-Verify information

Get informed only if only if you need. Use only reliable sources of information. Try to limit your exposition to the news.

-Take care of relationships

Talk with your friends and family, renew contacts, take care of relationships which are important for you. Use ‘’Skype’’, ‘’Facebook’’, ‘’WhatsApp’’.

-Take care of your boundaries

If you feel that you don’t want to speak to someone about coronavirus, tell him that. Your comfort is important.

-Use relaxation techniques

Try, for example ”Autogenic Training by Schultz”

-Take care of yourself

Use the coming days to take care of yourself and your needs. Take care of good sleep, healthy food and small pleasures. Focus on yourself and your needs.

-Think about your hobby

What are you interested in? What do you like doing? Use this time for your hobby: creative work, a good book. You can do all the activities in your home.

-Rhythm of the day

Try to plan the day. Establish a new routine: plan activities, organize work time, responsibilities, hobby and relaxation.

-Get help

You are not alone! If you feel that you need consult a mental health specialist- do it! There are many specialists ready to help and support you.

Below you can find the list of specialists who can also offer free help (in different languages):,145073.html?fbclid=IwAR1hmss506truJWrmyrJB4donoxB9gy2KW749YFlY5Rz9-mwDXGRkk6zQY